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Southside Emmaus is a large community in Virginia that stretches from Richmond, Sussex, Powhatan, Cumberland, Buckingham, Appomattox, and Amelia areas, through Prince Edward, Charlotte County, Nottoway, Lunenburg, Halifax, Mecklenburg, down through Danville, and even into North Carolina.

This gives you an idea of the area this Community encompasses.


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Food Agape 
Please label any food agape that contains nuts for Pilgrim and Team members that are allergic.

Fall Walk Dates Are Set!

Men's Walk #101 Sept. 14-17

Women's Walk #102 Nov. 9-12


Men's Spring Walk #99

May 4th -7th, 2017

Va. Nazarene Camp

Dillwyn, Va.

Women's Spring Walk #100

May 18th-21st, 2017

Airfield 4H Center

Wakefield, Va.




Please keep the Chrysalis Community in your prayers. 
CHRYSALIS FLIGHTS Boys & Girls are currently being scheduled for Summer 2017

A NEW WEBSITE is on the way which will include a downloadable PHONE APP!Everything should be up and running Mid-March 2017. 

  Reunion Gatherings    June 17th, Walks      #81,#82,#83,#84

August 19th, Walks #85,#86,#87,#88 


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